Nicosia to toughen asylum procedures

The Law Commissioner’s Office is preparing a bill to speed up asylum seeker applications and introduce penalties if they violate their terms of stay. The Interior Ministry requested tighter time frames for

MPs blamed for delay in fake news law

Attorney General George Savvides has accused MPs of dragging their feet in approving a bill that would clamp down on fake news and threats on social media. Appearing before the House last

New scooter law unworkable

Last month, a law regulating the use of electric scooters is not expected to have any practical effect, as a lack of infrastructure and communication with the public render legislation redundant. As

US gun law has blood on its hands

With more guns in America than people and ineffective gun laws in a country where it’s harder to get a drink than an automatic weapon, nobody believes the Texas school massacre will


Damaging the law of the land

It’s been a year since the new parliament was elected, and with it a breath of fresh air, as at 36, Annita Demetriou is the first female and youngest member serving as