State grants for EV home charging points

The Transport Ministry has announced a grant scheme to encourage the installation of solar-powered charging systems for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. The cabinet on Wednesday approved of €1.5 mln scheme to

COVID19: Work from home to be enforced

Working from home will be reintroduced as the government tightens COVID-19 measures to curb a new wave of coronavirus cases. The emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, coupled with the island’s new

How to protect your home

During the holiday season and especially the summer period, many people go on vacation, with neighbourhoods practically deserted, so there is no protection of your property other than the observing eyes of


Cyprus funds home energy drive

Cyprus is launching schemes in a bid to meet its EU 2030 environmental targets set in its national Climate Plan 2021-2030 which includes subsidies for making homes more energy-efficient. The EU has