Protected birds killed at Lake Soros

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Environmental NGOs BirdLife and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) raised the alarm on the “repeated and illegal bird killings taking place around Lake Soros in Meneou”.

In a joint statement, BirdLife Cyprus and CABS said, “the illegal slaughter of birds has continued for another year, despite calls for a permanent ban on hunting in the area”.

“The list of protected species found shot in the area grows longer by the day,” the statement said.

“So far this September alone, volunteers and members of staff of BirdLife Cyprus and CABS monitoring the site for illegal bird killing activity found many protected non-game bird species dead, including European Roller, Bee-eater, Golden Oriole, Eurasian Hobby, and Crested Lark.

“All birds were illegally shot as shown by post-mortem x-rays.”

Lake Soros in Meneou remains a black spot for illegal bird killing.

“Shooting at protected non-game species takes place daily at this site.

“Observations by our volunteers show that hunters systematically target protected birds, but there is never enough enforcement,” said CABS wildlife crime officer Bostjan Debersek.

He said last Sunday, only one patrol of the competent authority was available in the Famagusta and Larnaca districts, meaning it had to cover about 3000 square km and thousands of hunters across the countryside.

The NGOs argue that safe distances from residential areas to Lake Soros are not respected, adding that the hunting site is close to the vulnerable Natura 2000 wetlands that are part of Larnaca Salt Lakes.

BirdLife campaign manager Tasos Shiallis said the illegal killing of birds is just part of the conservation problems caused by hunters in the region.

“Dangerously high levels of lead have also been recorded in this area, even though legislation prohibits the use of lead pellet cartridges within 300 metres of wetlands and dams,” said Shiallis.

“At the same time, the proximity of the hunting area to residential areas raises public safety issues.

“These are serious and indisputable reasons for banning hunting at Lake Soros. It is high time the relevant authorities paid attention to this problematic area.”