US backs East Med electricity link via EuroAsia

A State Department spokesperson said that Washington continues to support regional stability and energy cooperation between Cyprus, Greece, Israel through electricity interconnectors like EuroAsia. The comments follow the publication in Greek media


VAT cut on electricity bills in limbo

A bill approved by opposition parties to cut VAT on electricity bills indefinitely from 19% to 9% across the board is in limbo after MPs rejected President Nicos Anastasiades veto. Parliament, including

Government supplying north with electricity

The Cyprus government will continue to supply the Turkish-occupied north with electricity until 4 January to prevent power outages. CNA said that a request was made on Wednesday after the previous agreement between

EAC energy inefficiency

An article in the FT pointed out that in the UK, one recent study estimated that 54% of electricity supply is lost before power reaches the consumer because of the inadequacies of


10% VAT slashed on electricity bills

The cabinet approved a Finance Ministry proposal to cut 10% VAT on household electricity bills for three months as part of its policy to tackle the fallout from the rise in energy

Brace for new electricity bill shock

Cypriot households and businesses should brace themselves for another wave of increases on their electricity bills, warns energy specialist Charles Ellinas. Talking to Astra Radio on Thursday, Ellinas said that electricity bills

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