Electricity bills deflate slightly

Cypriot consumers will see their electricity bills deflate slightly as a 2.2% reduction is expected on their December fees, as fuel prices drop internationally. In statements, the Electricity Authority’s (EAC) spokesperson Christina

Cyprus electricity prices climb 32%

Annual average household electricity prices in the European Union increased sharply in the first six months from €22 per 100 kWh to €25.3 but were higher in Cyprus. The same Eurostat data


Turkish Cypriots eye EuroAsia plug-in

The construction launch of the EU-backed EuroAsia electricity interconnector has triggered fears among Turkish Cypriots that they are left solely dependent on its notoriously faulty grid. The Turkish Cypriot Energy Efficiency Association,


“We can weather the storm”

Cyprus launches milestone EU electricity highway   Europe is at the centre of an unfolding energy crisis and nearly ten years after the previous energy crisis, at the time prompted by Russia’s occupation


Open electricity market stifled

Liberalising Cyprus’ electricity market is hampered by authorities dragging their feet over an employment framework of the Transmission System Operator, according to MPs. Chair of the House Energy Committee and DISY MP,

Electricity bills to be 14% cheaper

Consumers are to be given a breather from high energy costs, as after a drop in the cost of fuel, electricity bills in September fall by an average of 14% when a

Spike in your electricity bill? Check the meter

Consumers who believe their electricity bill is inexcusably high due to possible meter reading deviations can submit a complaint to be reviewed by onsite inspectors or remote investigation at the Electricity Authority

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