COVID19: Updated shots for elderly, vulnerable

Older citizens and people belonging to vulnerable groups are eligible for an updated COVID-19 vaccine and the seasonal flu jab from October 2, the Health Ministry announced on Thursday. Presenting its updated

Elderly parents targeted by fake doctors

Police are warning the public to be wary of callers claiming to be doctors, demanding money from elderly citizens to operate on a loved one in critical condition. The latest alarm came

COVID19: Alarm at vaccinated elderly in ICUs

Health authorities are anxious over the steady increase of fully vaccinated older adults contracting COVID-19 and landing in ICUs while the booster shot rollout lags. According to Health Ministry data released on

COVID19: Booster jabs for the elderly, vulnerable

Cyprus will roll out booster COVID-19 jabs for the elderly and vulnerable groups urged by scientists arguing the evidence suggests their immunity is wearing off. According to Health Ministry sources, minister Michalis