Teachers give us a break

State schoolteachers have a unique way of educating our children, and we have entrusted them with this task for decades. They choose the best of times to give the worst example of


School exams fiasco

Stakeholders in the school system should apologise to students over the shambles caused after an exam was interrupted following suspicions of a leak, said secondary education teachers’ union OELMEK. Final year high

Sex ed law blocked

President Nicos Anastasiades has referred the contentious sex education bill back to parliament, deeming it unconstitutional. Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou had argued that the government found the bill unconstitutional as introducing a

Minister ‘positive’ on sex education

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said his ministry has a positive stance on introducing sex education in schools after criticism from MPs to his initial statements that it would “complicate” the curriculum. On

Ensuring scholarships for excellence

What should have been a smooth parliamentary process this week to approve the annual budget of the Cyprus State Scholarships Foundation rekindled an old argument about what defines academic excellence and who


Hey teacher, leave those kids alone

I have been contemplating why the Education Ministry had kept its reaction to the alleged classroom pervert molesting his students on the undercooked side. It also seemed to avoid a public backlash


Higher education must widen horizons

The University of Cyprus Rector Tasos Christofides was re-elected this week, unopposed, to a second four-year term and laid his next priority to elevate the state institution to an international level. This

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