COVID19: 4 upgrades in new safe travel list

Cyprus upgraded France, Spain and the Netherlands from its high-risk ‘red’ to the medium-risk ‘orange’ category, while keeping its safest ‘green’ category unchanged under the latest COVID travel risk assessment released on


One in two Cypriots ‘digitally challenged’

Cyprus’ digital divide is not shrinking, as another international survey finds Cypriots trail behind their fellow Europeans in online skills. According to a recent survey carried out by a European Commission-funded education


Halloumi protection status challenged

Two weeks before Halloumi hits supermarket shelves across the European Union as a protected designation of origin (PDO) product, Cyprus cheesemakers have challenged it, claiming exports worth millions are endangered. From 1


Turkey using migrants to leverage EU

Austria’s minister for the European Union accused Turkey of using migrant flows as a means to pressure the 27-member bloc for its own purposes and warned that the EU wouldn’t be “blackmailed”


Cyprus summer flights down 24% on 2019

Commercial flights to and from Cyprus increased during the summer, but they are still 24% lower than the pre-COVID boom in 2019. According to data provided by Eurocontrol, flights across the European

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