Marginal drop in February jobless

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The number of unemployed persons in Cyprus, registered at the District Labour Offices on the last day of February, reached 14,304 persons, 395 less than the previous month.

Seasonally adjusted, the number was once again marginally down, 11,687 compared to 11,823 in January.

However, on an annual basis, unemployment in February was down by 2,293 or 13.8%

The statistical service Cystat said that the year on year drop was attributed mainly to the sectors of financial and insurance activities, trade, construction, accommodation and food service activities, as well as to a decrease recorded for newcomers in the labour market.

The bulk of unemployed persons was in the hospitality and hotels sector (4,754), Wholesale and Retail Trade and repair garages (2,003), and Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (891)

Seasonally adjusted figures take into account staff mainly at hotels who are laid off at the end of the tourist season, benefitting from six months unemployment pay and resume from the end of March or in April, preparing for the holiday season ahead.

Some holiday resort restaurants also close during winter, although their workers often find work in other towns or districts.