Industrial turnover improved in November

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Industrial turnover in Cyprus improved in November, with the relevant index rising 2.1% in a year to 193,4 points, according to the state statistical service.

For the year-to-date period of January to November, the index rose 6.4%, compared to the same period of the previous year.

In manufacturing, the index reached 190.5 points, an increase of 3.4% compared to November 2022.

Increases were also noted in the sectors of mining and quarrying (+12.4%) and water supply and materials recovery (+10.0%). A decrease was recorded in the electricity supply sector (-5.4%).

The Industrial Turnover Index reflects the monthly changes of turnover in the sectors of mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity supply, water supply and materials recovery. The index does not include sewerage, waste collection, treatment and disposal and remediation activities.

The aggregated index is broken down to local market and export market index. The index is also compiled by main industrial groupings: intermediate goods, energy, capital goods, durable consumer goods and non-durable consumer goods.