40,000 PlayStation 5s sold daily

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Sony’s debut of its latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5, marked a transformative chapter in the gaming landscape, primarily propelled by the groundbreaking features it introduced.

Despite encountering initial challenges related to supply chain constraints, the demand for the PS5 is gaining momentum, as underscored by the sales data.

In particular, data acquired by Finbold indicates that, as of October 2023, an average of 1,238,109 units of the PlayStation 5 console were sold monthly. The highest monthly sales figure was in March, reaching 1,898,817 units, while April saw the lowest monthly sales at 1,221,162.

These monthly averages in 2023 translate to approximately 285,718 units weekly. On a daily scale, the PS5 units sold averaged 40,705, further breaking down to an impressive 1,696 units sold every hour.

Supply challenges 

The research looked at intrigues around the sales of the PlayStation 5.

According to the Finbold report, “the demand for the PS5 coincides with Sony’s efforts to fully stock the console in stores globally, putting the company on track to achieve its annual sales targets.

“This marks a significant turning point, especially as the holiday season approaches, becoming the first time PlayStation 5 units have been restocked in most regions.

“The development follows a series of successive console shortages that left numerous players worldwide unable to secure a PS5. These shortages were primarily attributed to inadequate supply volumes stemming from the supply chain.”

As the gaming industry undergoes continuous evolution driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer habits, close attention will be paid to the trajectory of PS5 sales amidst growing competition.