Pyla works begin under UN supervision

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Road works got underway in the buffer zone mixed village of Pyla on Monday, with the government saying it is committed to implementing the provisions of the understanding reached by both sides.

UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) spokesperson Aleem Siddique told CNA that peacekeepers are on the ground and patrolling the area “monitoring the situation closely.”

Construction crews from both sides are in the area working and cooperating with the UN peacekeepers who are protecting the status of the buffer zone and implementation of the deal.

Sources said the UN is talking to both sides on this issue and the situation on the ground.

Government spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis told CNA that from the day the understanding was concluded, authorities in Nicosia began preparations to be able to proceed to divide the land into plots and build an asphalt road leading to Troulli under UN supervision and coordination.

“We remain committed to implementing the provisions of the understanding with sincere political will,” said Letymbiotis.

Based on the understanding reached, a single urban development area will be created to ensure the harmonious coexistence of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in Pyla.

It will include a large residential development area, the paving of a road leading towards Troulli, the creation of photovoltaic parks and the expansion of the urban use area of the village.

In August, the Turkish Cypriot side unilaterally announced its intention to build the road through the buffer zone between the villages of Pyla and occupied Arsos.

Turkish Cypriots and settlers entered the buffer zone and attacked UN personnel and vehicles of UNFICYP.

Several British and Slovak peacekeepers were pushed, punched and kicked.

The international community, including five permanent members of the UN Security Council, condemned the attack. Later on, discussions began aiming at resolving the issue.