How to protect your home

During the holiday season and especially the summer period, many people go on vacation, with neighbourhoods practically deserted, so there is no protection of your property other than the observing eyes of


Dealing with estate agents is tricky

Cyprus has the Estate Agents Law, which regulates most matters related to the industry, but people coming from different countries have their national system in mind, which, at times, creates confusion. Finding


Invest in sprucing up older properties

Homes that are 20-40 years old might need improvements to meet today’s living standards, especially those built to the owner’s specifications and likes. This is particularly important if you plan to sell


The property transfer matrix

There is an increasing rate of title deeds being issued, albeit, with some delay of 4-7 years or more after completion, the titles are being issued. Although a positive development, this has


Yurt is not the word

There is an evident effort to upgrade the quality of local hotels and entertainment places, both in terms of building and service quality; we now note the Tourism Ministry is encouraging organised


Out with the new, refurbish the old

Increased building costs, limited availability of suitable housing within town centres, the burden of VAT, the lack of title deeds has turned housing demand towards older properties, which require repair. In this


Dams hide a sporting secret

One of Cyprus’ many attractive features is water dams scattered everywhere, especially in the Paphos and Limassol regions. In addition to the human necessity of such water dams, they are used for


No respite from noisy neighbours

As construction activity grows, especially for residential properties (houses, apartments), quiet enjoyment in cohabitation becomes more important. Regrettably, there are no building regulations regarding noise, such as double insulated dividing walls between

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