Antonis Loizou

Old Nicosia has a lot going for it

The recent decision to convert the historical school of Phaneromeni into an architecture school of the University of Cyprus has brought a lot of hope for Nicosia’s revitalisation within the walls. Some


Size matters when buying an apartment

There is great confusion regarding the size of apartments and how this is measured in Cyprus. Each group or developer use their own methodology of calculation, so the unsuspecting buyer does not


Cyprus has a lot to thank its diaspora for

Leaving behind one’s country for economic or professional reasons is very tough on the immigrant, friends, and family, causing many heartaches all around. Since independence in 1960, Cyprus has “exported” many immigrants


Hospitality – the secret to success

The lockdown imposed on the hospitality sector (restaurants/ bars/ cafes) will be lifted partially lifted on 16 March; it is time for these owners to reconsider many issues. The situation will not


Cyprus real estate bashed by Brexit

Now that Brexit is over and done with, it made me think about what British nationals can or cannot do in Cyprus when buying real estate. As circumstances stand and without any


Pandemic has changed the way we do business

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about business changes, both in their type and their style of operation. Much of this came about from restrictions imposed by the government and as such, these

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