British peacekeepers sweat for Nicosia Dog Shelter

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On September 8, UK UN troops deployed on Op TOSCA serving with UNFICYP will undertake 24 workouts in 24 hours to raise funds for Nicosia Dog Shelter.

Troops in the Household Cavalry currently deployed in Cyprus volunteer at the shelter during their spare time.

Next week, they are coming together to organise a special event that aims to make a difference in the lives of the furry residents at the Nicosia Dog Shelter.

As part of a United Nations initiative, they are undertaking the remarkable challenge of “24 Workouts in 24 Hours.”

The motivation behind this extraordinary effort is the welfare and well-being of the dogs at the shelter.

These loyal and loving companions, some of whom have faced hardship and abandonment, deserve a chance at a better life.

The shelter has recently taken on 18 new puppies, and the money raised will go towards the everyday running expenses of the shelter.

Many similar charities across the island have been forced to close, and with Nicosia shelter now at capacity, the troops are looking to do their bit to ensure the shelter can continue to do great work.

A member of the Household Cavalry said: “24 workouts in 24 hours will no doubt put our physical and mental endurance to the test, but the motivation behind this is raising awareness about the importance of animal adoption.

“Nicosia Dog Shelter has been a beacon of hope for countless unwanted dogs and puppies in Nicosia, and we want to do our bit to help them continue their amazing work.”

Together, they stand united, ready to face this daunting challenge and bring hope to the lives of the dogs at the shelter.

As the event unfolds, the aim is to inspire others to join the cause, making a collective impact that will resonate far beyond Nicosia.

Op TOSCA is the UK’s longest-standing contribution to UN peacekeeping, with approximately 250 UK personnel deployed.

They are based in Nicosia and patrol the Buffer Zone, with a role to observe potential violations of UN Ceasefire agreements.