Police prevent Napa mugging of unconscious British teenager

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A 26-year-old Egyptian man was caught red-handed mugging a British teenager who had lost consciousness in the busy tourist area of Ayia Napa, police said.

The 19-year-old British holidaymaker was found unconscious just after midnight Tuesday by members of the Criminal Investigation Department of Famagusta, who were on patrol.

While moving to tend to the Briton, officers spotted the 26-year-old suspect taking a shoulder bag from the victim.

Officers rushed to the scene, and after identifying themselves, the 26-year-old suspect tried to run away but was stopped. The suspect then attacked the officers, who proceeded to arrest him.

An investigation followed, during which the suspect was found in possession of the bag he had taken from the 19-year-old, which contained a mobile phone, a small amount of money in British pounds, and a driver’s license.

Police also found €1,700 in the suspect’s possession, the origin of which is being investigated since the suspect did not give satisfactory explanations for having it.

The Egyptian was arrested on suspicion of theft and illegal possession of property.

Police assisted the 19-year-old, who regained consciousness and is reportedly in good health.

From investigations to verify the details of the suspect, it was established he is an Egyptian national residing in the Republic illegally since his residence permit expired in July.

Investigations are ongoing by the Famagusta CID.