17,000 Ukraine refugees in Cyprus

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About 17,000 non-EU citizens who fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion have temporary protection status in Cyprus.

According to Eurostat, those with temporary protection status across the EU in June, most of them refugees from Ukraine, reached 4.07 million.

The main EU countries hosting beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine were Germany (1,133,420 people; 28% of the total), Poland (977,740; 24%) and Czechia (349,140; 9%).

Compared with the end of May, the number of beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine increased in the EU by 45,800 (+1.1%).

The largest increases were in Germany (+21,830; +2.0%), Czechia (+9,050; +2.7%) and Ireland (+3,100; +3.7%).

Only two countries saw a decrease in the number of people under temporary protection: Poland (-13,635; -1.4%) and Italy (-1,005; -0.6%).

The number of people from Ukraine under temporary protection in Cyprus increased by 345 in June from 16,710 in May.

Compared with the population of each EU member, the highest numbers of temporary protection beneficiaries per thousand people in June were in Czechia (32.2), Poland (26.6), Estonia (25.8), Bulgaria (24.9) and Lithuania (24.7).

In contrast, the EU level’s corresponding figure was 9.1 per thousand people.

According to data on the population of Cyprus, the ratio for the island was 18.9 persons with temporary protection status per thousand people.

On June 30, Ukrainian citizens represented over 98% of the beneficiaries of temporary protection in the EU.

Adult women comprised almost half (46.6%) of temporary protection beneficiaries in the EU.

Children accounted for slightly more than one-third (34.4%), while adult men comprised less than a fifth (19.0%) of the total.

Out of a total of 17,055 beneficiaries of temporary protection in Cyprus, 16,820 were Ukrainian citizens.