More dust, rain but warmer weather

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Dust higher in the atmosphere is expected to reach the surface, causing discomfort to vulnerable groups, as temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius Friday.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, the head of the island’s Met Office, Kleanthis Nicolaides, said that dust in the upper atmosphere 2,000 to 3,000 metres above the surface will get closer.

“By Friday night, the dust in the higher levels of the atmosphere will start to settle, increasing discomfort for vulnerable groups,” said Nicolaides.

He said winds picking up on Friday should disperse the dust clouds by Saturday.

Asked about weather conditions expected over the long holiday weekend, Nicolaides said that local showers and thunderstorms are expected inland and in the mountains.

“This will help clear the atmosphere from dust particles.

“Temperatures will also drop, offering people the chance to cool off after the heat and dust prevailing on Friday,” he added.

Nicolaides said that maximum temperatures inland were expected to reach 33°C and 29°C on the coast.

The temperature on the highest mountains will reach 24°C.

Night temperatures will drop to 18 inland, 19 on the coast, and 16°C in the mountains.

Rain is expected on Sunday, but limited to inland and higher ground, offering Cypriots the opportunity for their first summer getaway at coastal resorts.

“The best day over the long weekend will be Whitt Monday.

“Temperatures will rise, but will be lower than 30°C, while no wind is expected, meaning calm seas”.