Closing arguments in Paphos murder trial

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After hearing the last witness evidence, the closing argument will be heard on June 22 in the trial of a British ex-miner accused of killing his terminally ill wife.

His lawyers said in a statement Tuesday that they will argue that the couple were in a loving relationship and it was not premeditated murder.

The 75-year-old David Hunter has told the Paphos criminal court that he reluctantly ended her life after she persistently “begged” him to do so.

Last week defence witness Helmut Kesting, a German neighbour who lived on the same street as the Hunter’s, gave evidence.

He said David Hunter was a very quiet and reasonable man who was proud of his marriage to Janice Hunter, 74.

Kesting said the Hunter’s relationship was: “Very, very good relationship.

“They did everything together. Janice was also very proud – once they invited us to their home and showed us many photos of the past together, their trips together.

“I never heard any shouting, never any fighting. It was full of harmony in their relationship.”

Helmut said they often returned from medical examinations when he saw the couple and Mrs Hunters’ health deteriorating in 2020.

Mrs Hunter’s hairdresser Anna Isaia also gave evidence and stated that David would bring Janice to the salon every week.

She described how everyone working with her was jealous of the loving relationship between the couple.

And Janice had told her she was sick with leukaemia, was in a lot of pain, and couldn’t sleep.

“She understood she didn’t have much time left. Last time she came, she was very sad; she cried.”

Asked by the prosecution if Janice had told her that she did not want to live. She said: “From what I remember, no.”

Closing submissions are scheduled for June 22.

“The evidence shows that this was a long and loving marriage and that David acted as he did because of his wife’s requests and the pain she was in after refusing to do so on a number of occasions,” said UK lawyer Michael Polak of Justice Abroad handling the case.

He added: “This was not a pre-planned event, as is shown by the fact that he tried to commit suicide using the over-the-counter medicine in their property rather than purchasing something stronger.

“We will be putting arguments before the Court which show that David is not guilty of premeditated murder.”

David Hunter is standing trial, accused of murdering his wife in December 2021.

Mrs Hunter, who had blood cancer, was suffocated by her husband at their Paphos home.

Towards the end of her life, Hunter said his wife, Janice,  was so unwell that she could no longer walk upstairs, and they had to sleep in a lounge chair downstairs.

During her suffering from blood transfusions because of blood cancer, she repeatedly told him to end her life, Hunter said.

He faces a life sentence if convicted.

His defence lawyers had asked the Attorney General to reduce the charges to assisted suicide which was denied.