Domestic violence worsening

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Last year the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO) managed 3,122 domestic/partner violence incidents compared to 2,854 in 2021, 2,147 in 2020 and 1,384 in 2019.

Incidents relating to calls to the 1440 domestic violence helpline were 1,670, i.e., five incidents per day, of which 3 were new cases.

This translates into 60% new incidents and 40% repeated.

The figures are from Cyprus-wide collected data on the reporting and managing domestic and gender-based violence incidents for 2022.

Recorded calls to the National Helpline 1440 amounted to 9,095, i.e., 25 calls were received daily.

Some 112 requests for help were received in live chat or SMS (107 live chat and five via SMS) and related to requests from abroad, help at the workplace and reports where the perpetrator was present.

A total of 337 people (149 women and 188 children) were assisted, and the largest needs served by the social service for social rehabilitation were household equipment, clothing and footwear, children’s items, and food stamps.

Consultation requests in 2022 amounted to 168 and concerned 138 people.

New cases reached 65%, translating to two cases of violence in counselling per day. 15% of cases will continue in 2023.

The Proteas program and the national information line 1406 received 153 calls, and 24 people joined the program.

A total of 445 women and 444 children were accommodated (Nicosia: 179 women and 206 children, Limassol: 177 women and 140 children, Paphos: 55 women and 55 children and in alternative structures: 34 women and 43 children).

From November 2021 to December 2022, with a sample of 729 women over 18 who called 1440, 61% reported physical violence, and 84.9% said they did not visit any health services.

Women’s House, SPAVO handled 395 cases, including 121 cases from 2021, translating to 9 violence cases per week.