Tourism revenue spikes 50% in Jan-Feb

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Income from tourism reached €102.2 mln in January and February, easily surpassing the €67.8 mln revenue from tourists in the first two months of last year.

Based on the results of the Passenger Survey carried out by the Statistical Service, revenues from tourism recorded an increase of 50.7% compared to the same period in 2022.

Compared with January-February 2019, a record year for Cyprus tourism, revenue from tourism marked an increase of 11%.

Revenue in February this year amounted to €56.6 mln compared to €39.6 mln in the same month last year, an increase of 42.9%.

February 2019 saw revenues of €52.4 mln.

In February this year some 119,081 tourists arrived on the island, staying for an average of 7.1 nights.

The average expenditure per person was €475.39 in February 2023 compared to €550.10 in February last year, a decrease of 13.6%.

A quarter from Britain

Visitors from the United Kingdom, the island’s largest tourist market, made up for 27.2% of the total tourist arrivals in February 2023 and spent on average €62.35 per day.

Tourists from Israel, Cyprus’ second largest market during the specific month, made up for 12.8% of the total arrivals.

Israelis spent on average €103.51 per day.

Tourists from Greece (the third largest market with 12.6%), spent on average €47.34 per day.

In earlier statements to the media, Deputy Minister Kostas Koumis had set a goal of attracting  5-10% more than the 3,201,080 tourists that chose Cyprus for a holiday last year.

The record for tourist arrivals was in pre-COVID 2019, when 3,976,777 holidaymakers made their way to the island.