COVID19: Deaths and cases on the rise

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Cyprus reported another ten COVID-19 deaths on Friday, pushing the total number of deaths since the pandemic started in March 2020 to 1,364.

The number of deaths recorded in the latest report were increased by 150% compared to the previous one, which reported four casualties.

The Health Ministry’s previous report had also included one of the youngest victims of the pandemic, aged 19.

Deaths reported on Friday included seven men and three women, aged 68 to 92. The deaths were recorded between April 19 and May 3.

According to the Health Ministry’s latest report released on Friday, covering the two weeks of April 21-May 4, another 2,404 new COVID-19 cases were detected.

The average daily rate remained below 200, keeping in line with the last four reports, but increased to 171, compared to 110 in the last report two weeks ago.

Coronavirus infections since the pandemic started in March 2020 rose to 660,854.

Meanwhile, hospitalisations dropped to 33 from 46 compared to the last report.

Of these, two were in a serious state, both being treated intubated in a state hospital ICU.

Testing reached 82,817 PCR and rapid antigen tests, almost 20,000 more than the 63,125 reported in the previous report.

Rate rises to 2.9%

Despite the higher number of tests, the benchmark ‘positivity rate’ jumped to 2.9% up from 2.44%.

The infection rate is now almost three times higher than the safe rate of 1%.

Masks remain mandatory in hospitals, testing labs and pharmacies.

Free government testing sites are only available at state hospitals for visitors.

A PCR or rapid test valid for 72 hours is required to visit hospitals, retirement homes and other closed institutions and care centres. Asylum seekers also need a negative test result to be allowed into refugee centres, as do inmates at holdings centres and prison.

The market price for a PCR is capped at 25 euros and 5 euros for a rapid test.

The next COVID report is expected in two weeks, following the Health Ministry’s recent decision to issue the report every two weeks, instead of every week.