Warmest day of the year

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Cyprus has recorded its warmest day of the year, with temperatures rising to a scorching 34C inland, following Easter Monday’s 32C, but will subside from Wednesday to normal levels of 24-26C.

The public took advantage of the higher-than-normal temperatures over Greek Orthodox Easter weekend, and many fled to outdoor sites, some even taking their first dip in the Mediterranean.

The Meteorology Department said high atmospheric pressure is affecting the region, with dust particles in the air until Wednesday, when a drop in temperature is expected and some light showers.

Tuesday’s maximum temperatures were at 26C – 28C on the coast, and 23C in the mountains, dropping at night to 13C inland, 15C on the coast and 12C on higher ground.

The Akrotiri Met Office reported that “we have already recorded 28 C here at Akrotiri and 30 C in Nicosia.

“Tomorrow will be another very warm day, but temperatures will drop somewhat later in the week and at the weekend.”

For the rest of the week, the Meteorology Department said the weather would remain partly cloudy, with possible rain, mainly in the mountains.

Kitas Weather said the cloudy conditions and dust in the air could lead to some “muddy showers”, while westerly winds will cool the air.