AI stocks, ETFs ‘abundant’ at Invest Stuttgart

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Discussions around AI-related stocks and ETFs were abundant and engaging at Germany’s major financial fair, Invest 2023, held in Stuttgart.

“The Invest Fair is a fantastic gathering of proactive investors, innovative technology companies, and exceptional investment minds,” said Admirals’ Head of Regional Marketing, Omar Bacha.

“As expected, there is keen interest in discovering new solutions that satisfy the discerning needs of modern-day investors.”

As AI technology continues to evolve, the main topic of discussion was how businesses could capitalise on current and future AI solutions to gain a competitive edge and thrive in the market.

Invest 2023, the leading trade fair and congress for finance in the German-speaking world, attracted 12,577 visitors and 124 exhibitors, bringing together top-class financial service providers, industry leaders and asset managers under one roof and aimed to cater to the needs and preferences of different types of investors.

Market trends

“With over 12,000 visitors, we took the opportunity to showcase our suite of investment products and engage visitors in conversations about market trends and emerging developments in finance,” Bacha explained.

“The discussions around AI-related stocks and ETFs were abundant and engaging, and we were delighted to be a part of them.

“The prevalence of these conversations showed us that it was the main topic on everyone’s minds, which was quite intriguing.”

The Limassol-based executive at Admiral Markets Cyprus said that the company’s products received “enthusiastic reception, particularly fractional share-investing and the ability to buy and sell physical stocks using MT5.

“It was a great platform to be a part of, and we’re already counting down to next year’s event.”

Most of the audience at the exhibition also sought in-depth knowledge of investment and finance.

The financial services providers exhibiting at the fair addressed topics such as personal wealth building and how to implement successful trading and investment strategies.

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