Ancient tomb in Limassol discovered

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Excavation work carried out as part of a flood protection project in the centre of Limassol has unearthed an ancient tomb.

The Limassol-Amathus Sewerage Board said the tomb dates back to the Late Bronze Age (1600-1050 BC).

To date, two human skeletons and various offerings (vessels) have been found inside it.

According to the Department of Antiquities, digs to reveal the findings are expected to last until March 17.

On completion of the excavation activity and once findings are transported to the warehouses of the Department of Antiquities, they will be able to be studied and evaluated by expert archaeologists.

The location of the discovery is of archaeological interest, and other prehistoric tombs of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages have been found in the past.

For this reason, it was foreseen that the flood protection work would be carried out in the continuous presence of an archaeologist.

The discovery in the Tzamouda hasn’t caused any particular problem to the progress of the construction work.