Cyprus-Israel first crossover transplant

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Cyprus has successfully conducted its first crossover kidney transplant with Israel at Nicosia General Hospital.

The kidney transplant took place at the new transplant clinic as part of the Nicosia – Tel Aviv Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 2017.

Doctors of the transplant clinic received the two kidneys in the presence of Israel’s Ambassador Oren Anolik, officials of the State Health Services Organisation and the Pancyprian Association of Friends of Kidney Failure Patients and Friends.

Anolik said it was the best proof of the excellent relations between the two countries.

“It is the first time we are implementing the agreement between Cyprus and Israel on organ transplantation, but I am certain it won’t be the last”.

“It makes a real difference in the lives of people both here and in Israel, and this makes me feel very emotional and moved about what is happening today”.

General surgeon Michail Papoulas said 1 March was a milestone for the Transplant Clinic.

He said the first part, the kidney donation, involves three pairs, two in Israel and one in Cyprus, has been completed, and everything went well.

“We hope that the outcome will meet our expectations.”

He said the cross-transplantation opens up new opportunities for patients on the waiting list or who have a living donor who is incompatible with them because even incompatible pairs can find a suitable donor pair by entering the register with other incompatible pairs.

The clinic’s physician, Andreas Soloukides, said it was a day they were waiting to give patients on the waiting list a chance.

Soloukides said Cyprus is on the map of countries that can perform this process, giving hope to patients who, under other circumstances, did not have the chance to undergo a transplant.

“We hope that apart from the three pairs of Cypriots who are on the exchange list with Israel, we will be able to have more pairs entering this procedure by expanding cooperation.”