Cyprus-Japan bolster shipping ties

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Cyprus and Japan are constantly enhancing their bilateral cooperation, especially in the shipping sector, and a Cypriot Shipping Bureau will operate during the coming months in Tokyo.

This was revealed during a meeting between the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Vassilis Demetriades, and the new Ambassador of Japan, Yoshio Yamawaki.

Demetriades welcomed the Ambassador, expressing his satisfaction over the continuous enhancement of the bilateral cooperation between Cyprus and Japan, particularly maritime.

He underlined the significant role that the operation of a Shipping Bureau of the Republic of Cyprus in Tokyo in a matter of months will play towards further deepening these relations.

The two sides underlined the importance of developing synergies in various aspects of the shipping sector, such as green transformation and technology.

“It can lead to mutually beneficial results both at the bilateral level and at creating common approaches in the framework of the International Maritime Organization,” a statement said.