Cyprus-China sign 5-year health plan

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Cyprus and China have signed a 5-year cooperation plan in the fields of health and medical sciences.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela and China ambassador Liu Yantao signed the plan.

The five-year cooperation plan for 2023-2027 is based on a long-standing agreement between the two governments.

“It reaffirms the close relations of the Republic of Cyprus and the People’s Republic of China, promoting mutual assistance for improving healthcare quality and delivering medical services in both countries.

“The bilateral cooperation targets the sectors of control and surveillance of communicable diseases, hospital management, and food safety.

“In these areas, we aspire to improve our effectiveness and efficiency by exchanging information, knowledge, and expertise and enabling direct communication between respective experts,” said Hadjipantela.

He said the ministry is actively pursuing international collaborations.

“I am convinced that there is strong potential for great mutual benefits, leading to improving public health in both countries”.

Liu Yantao noted that both countries and their people will benefit and that China and Cyprus will work together to advance their health services.

On the COVID situation in his country, the ambassador said that the situation is improved and that 80-85% of the population has been infected and, therefore, there is resistance.

He said that the infections peaked in December, no new subvariant was discovered, and infections are now declining.

Regarding EU member states’ restrictions and travel advice, the ambassador said that 14 countries did not adopt measures on China travellers, and others are now adjusting their restrictions.

“COVID is now at a low level, and we expect EU member states to lift the restrictions sooner.”