Where justice fears to tread

Without fanfare or declaration, the Attorney General has decided that a British pensioner who killed his wife to end her suffering should still be behind bars and maybe die in prison. A


Putin tainted by ‘fugitive’ tag

Success in keeping world peace has never been long or flawless. When NATO bombers flew over former Yugoslavia in 1999 to end the slaughter of innocent civilians by Slobodan Milosevic’s forces, they


Independent court service will improve justice

Creating an independent court service will contribute to the efficient delivery of the notoriously slow justice system, said Stephie Dracos, Minister of Justice. Drakou was at the closing ceremony, which marked the

Justice won’t be served this Christmas

For some people, this Christmas won’t be a jolly jaunt of family gatherings, gift-giving and an exercise in overindulgence. A cost of living crisis, soaring inflation and eye-watering energy bills are enough


Justice system reform is paramount

Our protests about the non-functional common expenses law and related legal disputes are known and expressed through personal visits/interviews with ministers, Parliament and others. While the issue is very serious, and its


Global index ranks Cyprus justice 18

The Cyprus criminal justice system ranks 18 from 140 globally after going up two places on the respected international survey World Justice Project that Norway topped. The index covers issues related to

Cancer victims deserve justice

Cancer patients who sued and won their initial case against a sole shoemaker for using toxic materials deemed as cancerous saw their appeal for higher damages overturned by the Supreme Court this


Time for lady justice to awake

We are wanton to believe that justice exists to protect the weak from the strong, law-abiding citizens from the rule breakers. An idea of natural justice among us boils to the surface

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