Justice reform shot down by Parliament

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis blasted MPs after parliament rejected a series of bills she submitted to reform a dysfunctional Cyprus justice system, accusing Opposition parties of acting in their own interest. The

MPs urged to back justice reform

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis urged MPs to approve a series of justice reform bills submitted to parliament to avoid Cyprus being tarnished with an ultra-slow legal system. “The justice reform is an

Cyprus wants to push through justice reform

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis on Wednesday submitted bills to speed up the Cyprus Justice system, urging MPs to vote them in before the House dissolves ahead of the parliamentary elections on 30

Corruption wasn’t born yesterday

It took a veteran politician with 40 years of public service, nearing the end of his second administration, to realise there’s a problem with corruption in Cyprus. Perhaps, the President took a


Slow justice encourages fraud

The delays in the Cyprus justice system is well known and “accepted” by everybody. Cyprus Court delays are next to the bottom with Zimbabwe that shows what a mess we are in.


Cyprus justice system gets new legal eagle

New Attorney General George Savvides and his deputy Savvas Angelides took on their posts Monday tasked with restoring the reputation of the justice system. The duo now head Cyprus’ legal services after