Cyprus launches Tech Ecosystem Map

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Local businesses launched the Cyprus Tech Ecosystem Map, a platform that links the tech and innovation sectors to attract talent and investments.

Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy Kyriacos Kokkinos stated that the new initiative “is a great asset to be leveraged by the entire ecosystem, local and abroad.”

“A platform designed to link our local tech and innovation ecosystem and the international business and investment community,” he said.

The platform is a private sector initiative with Tech Island, a coalition of more than 65 hi-tech firms based in Cyprus, to create a unified voice for the sector.

The list of initiators also includes the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA), ASBIS, ICLUB Global, TA Ventures and Tabs and Spaces.

The deputy ministry of innovation told the Financial Mirror the initiative aims to create a map of the island’s high-tech ecosystem, guiding investors through opportunities in the sector.

“The objective is to build a clear roadmap for making Cyprus a regional technology hub and to provide channels of securing funding and additional know-how from interested investors,” said an official.

Tech Island’s general manager Marios Giorgoudis said: “The Cyprus Tech Ecosystem Map is an important and powerful tool, bringing all the stakeholders in the sector together under one umbrella”.

“This is about supporting innovative companies that can operate on a global scale in the digital economy,” Tech Island told the Financial Mirror.

Giorgoudis said the Tech Ecosystem Map platform was developed by for Tech Island.

“We want to create a space for companies to be visible to talent and investments.

“We want to offer start-ups in the sector the visibility to find investors and partners”.

Kokkinos stated that the initiative demonstrates collaboration with the government, academia, and the private sector.

He praised Tech Island for its work to help Cyprus become a world-class destination for the innovation ecosystem.

Kokkinos noted that Cyprus had come a long way in the innovation sector, now ranked 10 on the EU innovation scoreboard, compared to four years ago when it was 22.