Gossiping while swimming

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Due to the summer and the relaxed spirit that prevails,  I want to report what “caught my ear” during my daily swimming while on holiday in the Pernera-Protaras area.

The nearby swimming group was discussing a sale on the beach for a one-bedroom apartment at €4,000/sqm.

One of the group showed serious interest, but the leader said he found out he would be charged around €200/month (€2,400/year) for utilities (including a spa, and two pools, running for 12 months).

After a group discussion, the purchase proposal was rejected.

However, the sale price was found to be reasonable, much to the disappointment of the daughter (for whom the unit was intended) and her future fiancé.

In Limassol (former Theodosiou warehouses), it’s a mess, and besides, the restaurants are very expensive.

A member of the group advised the protester to visit the north of Limassol, such as Ayios Tychonas, Moni, and Yermasoyia, where some tavernas even offer guitar music with food prices of €30/person.

In another discussion, some friends said they went downtown to eat, and the restaurateur offered to “treat” them to a glass of champagne.

Little did they know that they were charged €16 a glass in the end! Now we know that the “treat” is payable.

I heard one say: “I’m not saying the marina is not a worthy project, but for a shot of ordinary whiskey to be charged €18? A bit steep, don’t you think?”

A friend said he found an opportunity to buy 2,500 sqm of land in the Agios Ilias area for €250,000. The price was good, and he also gave a down payment.

Then he got the 19% VAT charge.

“What am I going to do?” asked the stressed member of the group.

Many of his company had differing views, but none offered a solution.

Of course, my nearby swimmers in the sea of Protaras, relaxing, did not fail to discuss the Cyprus political issue.

After everyone agreed on the solution, they continued swimming carefree.

The would-be presidents of the Republic did not escape the discussion either.

They rejected Christodoulides; they gave credit to Mavroyiannis, while no comments about Neophytou.

Generally, good comments about Achilleas Dimitriades, although the opinion was expressed that he is a little theoretical.

Let’s get back to our favourite topics of discussion.

“We were served kebab cooked on a hot plate instead of charcoal.


“I told the waiter to eat the plate himself. This is a scam,” added the Paphian member of the group.

Another discussion moved to Brussels, where two of the Cypriot MEPs received intense criticism, one (Diko’s Mavrides) for the VAT on property, which will now have to increase from 5% to 19%, and Akel’s Georgiou, who reported Cyprus over the Israeli’s spy van.

So, they don’t love their country, asked the group.

I was present when a tourist boat docked in the Vyzakia beach area of Protaras with very loud diabolical music.

The group of bathers moved menacingly to the boat to protest. Finally, after verbal abuse, the boat left.

But is this the way of achieving common tranquillity?

There was a lot of talk from the “strike team” blaming the local authority (Paralimni, who else?).

And some trivia. I didn’t know that the supermarket chain Lidl offers packaged kebabs, nor about the “new” Tomahawk steak! You learn something new.

A trade union member surrounded by a company of bathers explained the minimum wage.

As there were diverging opinions in a somewhat heated tone, the union chap withdrew discreetly, leaving the others to continue.

The daily Phileleftheros was not spared from the gossip.

The comments were that it is now easier to read the tabloid format, which is a plus, but they made the letters smaller, resulting in the newspaper not being easy to read, especially for the older ones.

I also observed that tourists with all-inclusive bracelets were fewer.

Still, individual visitors increased, while the prices of restaurants have risen to a level that is difficult for Cypriots to accept.

A charge of  €30/person is not possible for Cypriots.

In one discussion, I listened in to learn how to cook a good souvla.

The meat should be tender (it has some fat which makes it tastier), adding salt before cooking, and avoiding other spices because it spoils the taste, the “master chef” of the group informed us.

While the more progressive one informed us, “play some Mitropanos music. The souvla likes it, and it will help your appetite”.

In a subject closer to my heart, I also learned that house prices in the Latchi-Anassa area had surpassed the prices of Protaras.

The group’s rapporteur mentioned the expected completion of the Paphos-Polis road, the expansion of the marina at Latchi and the long-promised Akamas park are positive elements that should be taken into account.

Houses are around €400,000 a little far from the beach (about 500m) while closer around €700,000 (3 bedrooms with pool and some views).

I have learned that conversations at sea, whether friendly or not, travel at least within a radius of 100m, so we have to be careful because who knows in what direction there are conflicting ears?

Antonis Loizou FRICS – Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Seller & Development Project Manager