Largest urban park to open in Paphos

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Paphos will be a green gem as the island’s largest urban park, and one of the richest for plants and infrastructure will open its gates to the public in the coming weeks, said Mayor Phedon Phedonos.

Work on the Park of Colours covering 32,000 square metres has been completed after almost a year.

In comments to Phileleftheros daily, Phedonos said Paphos municipality had spent €4 mln, investing in the wellbeing of the town’s younger generations.

“We are taking millions from the Municipality Fund to invest in young people.

“In a few weeks, the largest organised park in Cyprus will be open for the public.

“Paphos is changing for the better,” the mayor said.

The municipality has already employed security services ahead of the park’s opening.

The park is located at the junction of Ellados and Evagoras Pallikarides avenues and hosts hundreds of new trees, a botanical garden, squares, a playground, a cafeteria, an exhibition area, and an information office.

Visitors will be able to participate in various sports activities with tennis and basketball courts, a small football pitch, a skateboarding area, and a 3-6m climbing wall.

Some 83 parking spots will also be available, including slots for people with disabilities.

For the park to be built, the Municipality of Paphos launched a huge cleaning project since “the area was nothing but a major source of pollution, tastelessness and nuisance in the heart of Paphos”.

The park has been built in an area until recently used as a landfill by locals, with authorities having to remove tons of garbage, arbitrary constructions, and other materials dumped.

The area was once one of the greenest in the region, providing the town’s inhabitants with clean oxygen until it was turned into a landfill site.