Child abuser sentenced to nine years in prison

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A man who sexually abused his underaged goddaughter has been sentenced to 9 years in prison, as the Nicosia Criminal Court found him guilty of all seven charges.

Furthermore, an order was issued by the Court prohibiting the accused from working in places where children are present or frequent for 10 years from the date of his release from prison.

Finding the Prosecuting Authority’s witnesses were credible, the Court, in its lengthy ruling, said: “The increasing tendency to commit crimes of this nature is not only recognised by the law but is recorded by the volume of cases brought before the Courts.

“This harsh reality mandates the imposition of deterrent penalties and makes the strict treatment of offenders imperative.

“Deterrence has two dimensions, the prevention of the offender from repeating the crime in the future and the prevention of third parties from committing the same or similar crimes”.

The Court said the accused abused his position, “instead of being of a protector and godfather, he became, by his repeated action to satisfy his sick appetites, a veritable nightmare.”

The offences were carried out between September 2019 and March 2020.

The trial was conducted behind closed doors due to the crime’s nature and the victim’s age.

On behalf of the Republic, the case was handled by senior prosecutor Theodora Papakyriakou.

Cyprus’ judicial system has been getting tougher on child abusers as cases increase.

Earlier last month, the Supreme Court approved an appeal filed by Attorney General George Savvides overturning an “insufficient” prison sentence handed to a man convicted of sexually abusing a minor, increasing jail time from nine to 13 years.