Cyprus to endure longest heatwave this summer

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Cyprus is expected to be gripped by a heatwave for most of this week, with above-average temperatures sizzling at 40 degrees Celsius or more.

The Met Office issued another yellow alert on Monday for extreme temperatures where sun exposure poses a health risk for the young and the elderly.

Maximum temperatures inland aren’t expected to fall below 40C for most of the week, maybe peaking at 42C before Friday.

Minimum temperatures are expected to hover around a stifling 26C inland making the nights uncomfortable as well.

On the coast, temperatures will drop to 24C and 19C on higher ground.

So, this week Cyprus will endure furnace-like temperatures as the eastern Mediterranean is being affected by a warm air mass.

Due to the high temperatures, the risk of wildfires remains high, with the public advised being careful as a single spark can destroy an entire forest.

The maximum temperature will rise to around 40C inland on Monday, between 33-36C on the coast and 31C on the higher mountains.

A similar warm weather outlook is forecast, with the heat going up a few notches from Tuesday to Thursday, making it the longest heatwave of the summer so far.