Most Cypriot women like to gamble

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Nine in 10 women have played games of chance at least once in their life, according to a survey carried out by the Cyprus National Betting Authority.

It plans to conduct a second survey on the behaviour of Cypriots toward betting in general.

According to the survey, in which 1,000 women over 18 participated, Cypriot women had ” high participation in games of chance”.

Nine out of 10 women have played games of chance at least once, with most respondents saying they did it for fun (56%) or monetary gain (45%).

In contrast, 12% of women have never gambled, and many stated a lack of interest (41%) and the belief that it is a waste of time and money (41%).

The findings show that three out of 10 female players admit to having people in their lives who have (or have had) a gambling problem.

Female gamblers have almost universally bought scratch cards (94%) and lottery tickets (93%), emerging as the most popular games of chance among women.

President of the National Betting Authority, Ioanna Fiakkou, announced the launch of the second survey on the profile and characteristics of Cypriots’ involvement in betting and games of chance.

She said the results would contribute to implementing the Authority’s Safe Gaming Strategy. (source CNA)