Limassol bus company goes electric

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The Transport Ministry and Limassol bus company EMEL have signed a €129 mln public transport agreement providing for 177 new buses to operate in the town, 35 of which will be electric.

According to a Ministry statement, the 10-year contract with EMEL has a budget of €129,220,332, including VAT.

And the contracting Authority reserves the right to extend services up to 50% for €45,627,750.

Under the contract, busses are to cover 7.2 million km, compared to the previous concession agreement of 6.4 km million.

The 35 new electric buses will cover journeys totalling two million km.

“With this new Agreement, another step is taken in implementing the government’s plan to upgrade Public Transport.

“The main goal is to make the choice of using Public Transport and the bus as a substantial alternative to the mobility needs of the modern citizen”, the ministry said.