COVID19: Face masks gone, no restrictions at airports

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Cypriots ditched the face mask on Wednesday as authorities lifted the last remaining coronavirus restrictions, including masks for indoor areas and tests required for unvaccinated arrivals.

As of 1 June, all travellers will no longer be required to show a valid vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery from coronavirus or a negative PCR or rapid antigen test.

The decisions were taken by Cabinet last week, which decided to suspend the COVID-19 mask mandate for indoor facilities and lift all restrictions at airports ahead of the hot summer season.

Face masks are no longer required indoors, except for high-risk areas such as hospitals, clinics, care homes and other institutional facilities.

However, travellers should check with airlines as they may impose their own regulations, depending on their destination.

A mask mandate for public transport remains in place until further notice.

The Health Ministry said face masks are still recommended in crowded places, for people belonging to vulnerable groups and for those who come in contact with high-risk individuals.

Visits to hospitals are a maximum of two people per day, provided they present a negative rapid or PCR test carried out in the last 48 hours.

Only one person will be allowed per visit, said the ministry, noting that in exceptional cases, the number of people per visit can be increased with the approval of the hospital’s management.

Cyprus’ COVID-19 deaths and infections have slowed.

Face masks indoors were imposed against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in August 2020.

In its weekly COVID report, health authorities reported 1,774 cases and two deaths on Friday.

Hospitalisations dropped from 42 to 30, critical cases from nine to eight, while only one patient was intubated.

Total SARS-CoV-2 infections since March 2020 rose to 489,963, while 1,059 deaths have been reported.