Shipping requires more IT investment

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The value of fleet management data analysis and digital technology to improve vessel operations is ever more important as the maritime sector faces challenges requiring new processes and tools, an IT expert told the Cyprus Marine Club.

“We understand maritime transport needs while feeling responsible for safeguarding the industry and promoting the sector as a niche,” said Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine and Managing Director of Arribatec Marine Cyprus.

“The fast-forward transformation process affects the shipping industry and how it operates.

“We support our customers by monitoring, measuring and reporting the complex processes they are facing with reliable software solutions”.

Fiorentino was among several panellists at the members’ meeting in Limassol, who discussed “The challenge of profitability management and emissions reduction”.

The other panelists were Caterina Cerrini, Arribatec Marine’s Sales Manager, CCO Fulvio Solari, CCO, and Director of Operations Giorgio Colotti.

Arribatec Marine (previously IB Influencing Business) is a leader in designing and implementing advanced software for ship management. In 2021 was acquired by the Norwegian group Arribatec, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Cyprus Marine Club Chairman Capt. Eberhard Koch also announced that membership has risen to 135, and the club’s next event will feature the Cyprus Integrity Forum on June 21.

The event’s main topic will be “Cyprus’ sole anti-corruption organisation”.

This will be followed by the EGM, AGM and Annual Dinner of CMC at Amara Hotel on July 1 and a special event on October 7, organised for Maritime Cyprus 2022, with Andreas Hadjiyiannis, the President of the Cyprus Union of Shipowners as the guest of honour.