Turkish Cypriots bashed by cost-of-living crisis

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Eight out of ten Turkish Cypriots are unable to make ends meet, according to a recent survey carried out in the Turkey-occupied north of the island.

An opinion poll conducted by the Centre for Migration, Identity and Rights Studies (CMIRS) showed that 83.73% of people asked were unable to cover the costs for food and kitchen utilities such as cooking gas.

In March last year, the percentage of people who said they could not afford to put bread on the table was 33.06%.

The survey was conducted in April with the participation of 500 households through telephone interviews.

Turkish Cypriots said the economy was their biggest concern, followed by incompetent political leadership, inflation, and the Cyprus problem.

Some 37.2% of people asked said they have seen their income decreased in the past year.

The percentage of those who stated they were in a difficult financial situation was 18.4%, while in September 2021, it was 10.8%.

And 72.62% of respondents believe their financial situation will deteriorate over the next two years, 20.28% said it would remain the same, and only 7.1% feel it will improve.

Some 86.51% believe that the north’s financial problems will deepen in the next two years, 9.61% believe it will remain the same, and only 3.89% predict things will improve.

Only 11.6% stated that their family’s financial situation is good.

A majority, 86.95%, said they were worried about not maintaining their standard of living, and 78.27% said they would not be able to meet loan and credit card payments.

And 80.32% said they were concerned about meeting health bills, while in December 2021, it was a lower 78.38% and in March 2021, it was 34.75%.

Only 22.91% of Turkish Cypriots felt they could influence the Cyprus problem, and only 34.76% feel that they have an influence on issues regarding human rights.

An overwhelming 96.26% believe the Turkish Cypriot community is on the ‘wrong path’, the highest percentage recorded.

Turkish Cypriots have been crushed under a tumbling Turkish Lira, while their earnings have also been diminishing due to inflation spirals.

According to the Turkish Cypriot statistical services, consumer prices have increased by 83.19% in March compared to last year.

Inflation increased by 13.05% monthly in March and 27.73% since last December.