Cypriots worried about cost-of-living

Six out of ten Cypriots feel the country is getting worse, with more than 70% saying they can’t make ends meet, according to a CyBC opinion poll. And 62%  of participants thought

Cost of living crisis rages on

Unsettling news for Cypriots consumers as the Cyprus Fiscal Council’s spring report claims the cost of living will continue to rise throughout the year, with fuel prices also staying high. According to

Cabinet to decide on cost-of-living measures

There were no decisions Friday on measures to buffer hiking inflation, diminishing Cypriots’ purchasing power, as the government postponed action until next week. Following the meeting on Friday, government spokesperson Marios Pelekanos


Cost of living continues to bite

Cypriot consumers are being hit by one nasty shock after another, as prices for basic foodstuffs increase from 10% to over 100% in just a few months, with demand for government intervention