Probe into Limassol zoo animals dumped in landfill

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Cypriot authorities are investigating complaints that dead carcases of kangaroos and other animals from a zoo were unceremoniously dumped at a landfill site in bin liners.

The Animal Party Cyprus said Monday the police and local authorities launched a probe into the allegation of protected animals being disposed of in municipal plastic bags.

It said the animals – protected owls, kangaroos and a wallaby — were from Limassol’s municipal zoo.

The animal protection body posted pictures of the dead animals on its Facebook page.

“The dumping of innocent dead animals from Limassol Zoo in the garbage is a great scandal,” the animal party said in a statement.

“It’s not enough that they are trapped in cages with endless sadness; you (the zoo) leave them without expected care, they die, and the worst thing is that you throw them away as disposable objects,” it added.

Activists said the police had promised an “in-depth investigation” into the “criminal act”.

According to the allegations, the dead animals were dumped at a rubbish tip in the Limassol area of Vati.

After the pictures were published of dead animals at the landfill site, Limassol Municipality said the mayor gave orders for an “immediate and thorough investigation” into all aspects of the case.

“There is no excuse because what has been done cannot be described as ignorance of the law,” said the animal party.

Police confirmed that the animal unit is looking into the circumstances of the incident, adding that the state veterinary services will be advising them on hygiene protocols regarding the disposal of zoo animals.

A police official confirmed that at least one kangaroo, a wallaby and some owls were among the dead animals found.