Nicosia asks why Turkey ignores Russia sanctions

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Cyprus has asked the EU’s top diplomat and security chief Josep Borrell why NATO member Turkey is not pulling its weight over the war in Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides is requesting the EU undertake its responsibilities regarding Turkey since the Republic of Cyprus does not control the airspace over the occupied areas and therefore cannot implement its decision to close all its airspace to Russian aircraft.

Kasoulides said for an inexplicable reason; no one has asked Turkey why, as an EU candidate state and a NATO member, it does not implement sanctions against Russia or close its airspace to Russian aircraft.

Moreover, he has sent a letter to Borrell asking for explanations on Turkey’s role.

Kasoulides believes that Turkey will become more brazen if there are no repercussions due to its decision to remain neutral, asking to undertake the role of mediator in the crisis.

He said that the US President and NATO correctly decided not to provide military support to Ukraine due to the danger of World War III and a nuclear disaster.

He also stressed the need for an urgent political solution that would be accepted by all parties.

Brussels has imposed wide-ranging and unprecedented packages of measures in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.