COVID19: Novavax jab available in Cyprus

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Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine Nuvaxovid (also known as NVX-CoV2373) is the latest jab available to adults in Cyprus on the vaccination portal, the Ministry of Health announced.

Nuvaxovid contains a version of a protein found on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 (the spike protein), which has been produced in the laboratory.

Nuvaxovid is given as two injections, usually into the muscle of the upper arm, three weeks apart.

It prepares the body to defend itself against Covid -19. In addition, it contains a version of the spike protein produced in the laboratory.

It also contains an ‘adjuvant’, a substance to help strengthen the immune responses to the vaccine.

When a person is given the vaccine, their immune system will identify the protein in the vaccine as foreign and produce natural defences — antibodies and T cells — against it.

If the vaccinated person comes into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the immune system will recognise the spike protein on the virus and be prepared to attack it.

The antibodies and immune cells can protect against Covid by working together to kill the virus, prevent its entry into the body’s cells and destroy infected cells.

Vaccination centres are open from 0800-1500 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Every Wednesday, the walk-in centres are open from 0800-1800. On Saturdays, the walk-in centres are open from 0800 until 1300.