Cyprus chill factor

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Cyprus is shivering from a cold front pushing temperatures 5 degrees Celsius lower than the seasonal average, with rain and more snow on the menu said the Met Office.

Head of the meteorological service, Kleanthis Nicolaides, said temperatures would remain chilly for the next couple of days until a low-pressure system gives way to a high-pressure one later in the week.

Temperatures are expected to drop on Wednesday after rising slightly on Tuesday.

Nicolaides said Cyprus had witnessed its coldest nights this winter, as temperatures inland dropped to 0°C and -9°C on the highest mountains.

The average lowest temperature inland is 5°C and around -4°C in the mountains.

Maximum temperatures on Tuesday will be warmer than the previous day reaching 16°C inland, around 15°C in coastal areas, and 3°C high up in the mountains where frosty conditions remain.

Night temperatures will be 4 degrees inland, around 5°C on the coast, and -2°C higher up.

Frosty conditions in the mountains are also expected to affect foothill areas.

“Some rain and local thunderstorms are on the menu in some areas, with any rainfall in areas higher than 1300m turning into snow,” said the Met Office.

Snow is expected to fall in the mountains this week, with the last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge showing it was around 10cm.

Nicolaides said temperatures will remain relatively low until Thursday, when the weather is expected to be clear with temperatures on the rise, reaching a bit above the season’s average 15°C.