Recent rainfall bolsters dam capacity to 60%

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In recent weeks, low-pressure weather systems bringing torrential rain have overturned fears of water shortages after dams capacity has risen to 60%.

The first heavy rainfall to hit the island didn’t occur until mid-December, proving beneficial but still leaving dams less than half full.

On 15 December, according to data, water stored in dams was only at 47.7% of their overall capacity.

According to the water development department, inflow into reservoirs from heavy rainfall has pushed the capacity of dams to 59.5%, containing 172.9 cubic metres of water supply.

This time last year, they were 73.2% full of 212.7 mcm of water.

The wet weather since 1 October 2021 has been 104% of the average for the year, the Met Office said on Thursday.

According to the water development department, inflow to the island’s reservoirs since 1 October has been 38.36 million cubic metres.

Based on the data, total rainfall reached 304 mm, compared to the average of 294 mm.

Meanwhile, January has proved beneficial for the island’s water reserves as in the last 24 hours, there was on average 8.5 mm of rain, almost 12% for the month so far, which is 69.7 mm.

In total, the monthly rainfall until Thursday morning reached 68% of the average for January.