Annual tourist arrivals rocket 196%

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In the 11 months to November, tourists visiting Cyprus jumped 195.9%, recording an increase of 1.21 million arrivals, compared to 2020 when covid-19 travel restrictions were worse.

According to data announced Tuesday by the Cyprus Statistical Service, the number of tourists totalled 1,840,003 for the 11 months from 621,927 last year when the airports were closed to tourists from March to June.

However, compared to January – November 2019, there was a decrease of 52.4% when a record 3,866,447 visitors came pre-coronavirus.

The arrivals of tourists reached 148,973 for November alone compared to 8,952 in the same month of 2020 and down from 169,392 in 2019.

Arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for November, with a share of 22.7% (33,829) of total arrivals.

Germany followed with 10% (14,945), Russia 9.6% (14,236), Poland 8.8% (13,105), Greece 8.5% (12,629) and Israel 7.7% (11,474).

Trips abroad

A large 253.4% increase was recorded in the trips of Cypriots abroad in November but a decrease of 50.6% compared to November 2019.

A total of 52,668 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad last month, compared to 14,905 in November last year.

The main countries the residents returned from were Greece (42.5%) and the United Kingdom (12.6%).