Warning for high dust levels

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Cypriots woke up to high dust concentrations across the island on Monday, with authorities issuing a warning for above-average levels in the atmosphere.

The department of labour inspection said that high dust concentrations had been measured at their ground stations for air quality monitoring network, with some areas reporting concentrations well above the safety level.

The public is warned to take precautions, with employers prompted to protect their employees’ health.

Vulnerable groups (children, older people, and the infirm) are urged to stay indoors because high dust concentrations may harm human health.

Employers must take appropriate measures after assessing any risks their employees may face, especially while working in open spaces.

The labour inspection department recommended that people working outdoors use appropriate means of personal protection.

Morning dust concentrations were; Nicosia: 122.4 μg/m3; Limassol: 72.4 μg/m3; Larnaca: 81 μg/m3; Paphos: 89.4 μg/m3; Paralimni: 50.8 μg/m3; Zygi: 50.9 μg/m3 and Ayia Marina Xyliatou: 49 μg/m3

The safety limit for respirable particulate matter of a diameter smaller than 10 μm (PM10) in the air is 50 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre).

More information on Cyprus real-time air quality can be found online at www.airquality.gov.cy and through the free mobile application ‘Air Quality Cyprus’.

Dust concentrations may further increase during the evening.

On Monday, the weather will be mostly clear with light to moderate winds.

Maximum temperature will rise to around 27 degrees Celsius inland, around 26°C on the coast, and 19°C degrees in the higher mountains.

On Tuesday, the weather will be a mostly clear but increased cloud in the evening.