Cyprus affected by dissipating Med cyclone

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Cyprus is impacted by the dissipating Mediterranean cyclone Apollo, approaching the island from the west bringing local thunderstorms with a chance of hail.

In comments to the Financial Mirror weather observer Eric Kitas of KitasWeather, said Cyprus will see rain as the cyclone approaches the island late Monday and early Tuesday.

“Despite losing its cyclone trades, the weather system will still be causing local storms on Monday night and Tuesday morning, with some areas also being hit by hailstones,” said Kitas.

He said that the low weather system would be closing in from the west of the island during the evening on Monday.

This will result in worsening weather, with intermittent rain and thunderstorms to be expected during the night.

“At the same time, a significant strengthening of the winds is expected. As a result, some storms will be intense and will be accompanied by strong winds and hail.”

Maximum temperatures will drop to 26 degrees Celsius on Tuesday but will pick up towards the end of the week.

“Once the cyclone dies out over Cyprus, the island will enjoy more hot weather as temperatures reach 29°C, well above the seasonal average of 25°C.

Maximum temperatures on Monday will touch 27°C in inland and on the coast, and 17 °C on the highest ground.

Night temperatures will drop to 16°C inland, 19°C on the coasts and 11°C in the mountains.

On Tuesday, temperatures will hover around 26°C, with local thunderstorms.

The weather will start improving towards the evening, paving the way for a milder Wednesday.

Despite the improving weather over the week, higher levels of dust concentrations will continue in the atmosphere in the coming days.

During the weekend, some flooding was reported in Larnaca and villages in the district.

The village of Lympia also reported heavy rainfall and flooding.