Five arrests connected to Azeri ‘hitman’

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A total of six people have been arrested in connection to an alleged plot to attack Israeli businesspeople in Cyprus, including the main suspect, an Azeri national who appears to be the mastermind of the ‘operation’.

A 21-year-old foreign national is the latest of five people arrested in connection with the highly sensitive case.

He is expected to appear in a Nicosia court on Friday, under tight security, for a remand order.

Police confirmed the man’s arrest to the Financial Mirror, noting that they were not able to provide any further details.

“This is a high-profile case, touching on matters of national security,” said a police official.

Another two people were arrested earlier this week, with reports saying that the duo were of Pakistani origin, working in the food delivery sector.

Following the Azeri’s capture, the first person to be arrested was a 27-year-old Pakistani delivery man in Paphos.

All five arrests took place after police officers were able to access the Azeri’s telecommunications data.

Although Police have not confirmed it, reports say that all five arrests involve Pakistani food delivery drivers.

The Azeri, 38, was arrested on 27 September while crossing from the Turkish occupied north through a Nicosia checkpoint, where police officers intercepted him.

A gun with a silencer and some bullets were found in his possession.

Israel alleges the Azeri is a would-be assassin recruited by its arch-foe Iran to attack prominent Israelis on the island.

Israel claims there was a wider plot to carry out terrorist attacks against several prominent Israelis in Cyprus.

However, Iran has refuted any involvement in the case.