UK Bases arrests for bird trapping, poaching

A Greek Cypriot man from Xylophagou faces fines of up to €6,000 following his arrest for possessing active mistnets and protected Ambelopoulia (black caps) stored frozen in his home refrigerator. Sovereign Base

21 arrests after racist violence

Police arrested 21 people in renewed violent incidents in Chlorakas, Paphos, as officers moved in to prevent clashes between Greek Cypriot hooded agitators and migrant residents. The 21 arrests add to the

Three arrests in brutal Nicosia murder 

Police arrested three people for allegedly plotting to murder a 61-year-old man found dead in the street in Latsia, Nicosia, authorities said on Thursday. According to police, two men aged 35 and

Bases concern over drug driving arrests

British Bases Police in Dhekelia confirmed that 14 arrests were made in as many days in October for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These statistics have led to increased

Five arrests after 37 Syrian migrants saved

Cyprus police arrested five Syrians on suspicion of people trafficking after a police patrol boat plucked them and 32 of their compatriots from the sea when their rickety boats sank close to

Six arrests in Larnaca gangland murder

Cyprus police have arrested six men in connection with the gang-related murder of 53-year-old Andreas Evangelou, who was gunned down outside his Larnaca home in December. Police said six men were arrested

Police make more arrests in Chlorakas operation

A Cyprus task force conducted a coordinated operation in the Paphos village of Chlorakas following recent violence involving 150 people and the police. Paphos police, officers from the Crime Prevention Squad and