COVID19: August deadliest month for Turkish Cypriots

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August was the deadliest month for the COVID-19 pandemic for the Turkish Cypriot community, as health authorities in the north have reported 21 deaths so far.

With Monday’s 142 cases and two deaths, Turkish Cypriot authorities have reported a total of 16,287 COVID-19 cases and 61 deaths.

Some nine deaths have been recorded in the past four days, while another 16 patients are in an ICU.

August will also go down as the worst month on record since the pandemic began in March 2020, with 4,732 cases reported up until Monday.

It smashed the previous record of 3,466 cases confirmed in July, while the deadliest month before this one was 9 deaths recorded in February.

The ages of people who lost their lives to COVID-19 in the north range from 54 to 93.

Turkish Cypriot authorities are facing a resurgence of the virus, powered by the more aggressive Delta variant.

In June, authorities had kept daily cases below 50 throughout the month, reaching just 776 infections.

Meanwhile, authorities in the Turkish occupied north have introduced an equivalent to the Republic’s Safe Pass, called Island Pass (Ada Pass).

Ada Pass was introduced on Tuesday and will be used to gain access to indoor facilities. At the moment, it is only applicable in northern Nicosia.

Holders must have proof of being vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 PCR or rapid tests not older than 72 hours.

In the Cyprus Republic, August is also the deadliest month on record, with a toll of 78, surpassing the previous high of 76 deaths in January and last December.

On Monday, the Republic reported another 311 COVID-19 cases and two dead, taking the tally to 113,588 and 501 deaths.

Divided Cyprus combined has reported 129,875 infections and 562 deaths.