Senior state officials among highest earners

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High ranking civil servants and politicians enjoy some of the fattest salaries on the island, with monthly earnings touching €9,000, according to data released by the Accountant General’s office.

The top of the highest-paid civil servants’ list, earning more than President Nicos Anastasiades, is Attorney General George Savvides and his deputy Savvas Angelides.

They are both rewarded with a gross annual salary of €106,685 or €8,251 monthly in 2021.

Climbing down the wage ladder, the chair of District courts and judges earn annual salaries of €86,429 and €72,589, respectively.

President Anastasiades saw his annual salary increase in 2020 to 91,683 or €7,102 a month, compared to his 2019 salary of €90,257.

Ministers, deputy ministers and the Government Spokesperson receive a gross annual salary of €62,426.

The annual salary of the director of the office of the President of the Republic is €65,879, the annual salary of the Deputy Government Spokesman to €41,323.

The newly elected House Speaker, Annita Demetriou, receives €75,508 every year or €5,852 every month.

Members of Parliament and House representatives of religious minorities on the island receive an annual pay of €52,469.

Ranking just under the House Speaker, government ministry Permanent Secretaries have an annual salary of €74,071.

The annual gross earnings of Cyprus’ Commissioners range between €56,000 to €76,000, although many of them are rather anonymous.

Cyprus’ Auditor General and Accountant General’s salaries stand at €74,071. The Chief of Police earns the same salary.

Many high-ranking officials also receive other benefits, such as expenses, perks, fat pensions, and chauffer-driven vehicles.

The gross average monthly income in Cyprus is around €2,000.